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cffi-based cairo bindings for Python
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Johan Cwiklinski
Description :
cairocffi is a `CFFI`_-based drop-in replacement for Pycairo_,
a set of Python bindings and object-oriented API for cairo_.
Cairo is a 2D vector graphics library with support for multiple backends
including image buffers, PNG, PostScript, PDF, and SVG file output.

Additionally, the :mod:`cairocffi.pixbuf` module uses GDK-PixBuf_
to decode various image formats for use in cairo.

.. _CFFI:
.. _Pycairo:
.. _cairo:
.. _GDK-PixBuf:

* `Latest documentation <>`_
* `Source code and issue tracker <>`_
  on GitHub.
* Install with ``pip install cairocffi``
* Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.x. Tested with CPython and Pypy.
* API compatible with Pycairo.
* Works with any version of cairo.